SaaS Product Blueprint
to meet users needs and business goals

We research, plan & design v1 of your SaaS Product to make it ready for development and launch

Get from idea
to MVP prototype

The goal of the service is to get from abstract vision to concrete product prototypes. We help you figure out what to build, how to build it, and how much it is going to cost.

We check whether the product concept is viable and design how it is gonna work.

You get a blueprint for a SaaS Product that solves user's problems, aligned with your business objectives, strategy, and budget.

  • Research & Discovery
  • Product management
  • UI/UX Design

SaaS blueprint goals

Design product aligned with business goals

Design product that solves user's problem
Design how the product gonna work
Check technical feasibility

Mitigate business & product risks

Prevent running over budget
Get an accurate timeline estimate
Get a fixed price offer to build an MVP


Benjamin Franklin

Avoid product building traps with the blueprint

Product running over budget

To build the project on a budget we start from the end. For us, budget is what sets boundaries for solution design rather than something that you estimate after the solution is ready

Product not solving a user problem

Through research and problem first approach we find a "why" behind a product. And with "why" in mind build the product that is valuable for the user

Product doesn't meet product vision

With a blueprint, you get an accurate model of how your product gonna work before you commit to the development of it

Product development not aligned with strategy

Before the design of the solution, we do research and a series of interviews with you to clearly define a strategy. Then this strategy serves as a north star in the design

You get all assets for starting MVP Development

Product Documentation

A north start to keep product development aligned with what problem you solve, for whom, and how

Product vision
Go to market strategy
Business requirements

Questions answered


Product solution

The goal is to define how the product solves user problems and create an exact model of how the product gonna work

Breadboarding / User flows
Wireframes of the app
Interactive Prototype
Technical architecture

Questions answered


Product planning

Gives you information about the time, cost, and timeline for getting the product live so you could make an informed decision

Roadmap (timeline)
Fixed-price offer for MVP
Development Specification

Questions answered


The process to turn an idea into a concrete solution

1st stage
Info stage 1


  • Discovery
  • Research
  • Planning
  • 2nd stage


  • User flows
  • Technical Architecture
  • Wireframing
  • Testing (optional)
  • Interactive prototype
  • 2 x User testing round
  • Planning
  • Backlog creation
  • Roadmap creation
  • Time & cost estimation
  • Our pricing

    First stage


    - Product Vision Documentation

    - User Personas

    - Stakeholder Interview & analysis

    - Competitors & Secondary Research

    - User Interviews (If potential users available)

    - Got To Market Strategy


    1 week


    Money-back guarantee
    Second stage

    Solution + Planing

    - User flows & Wireframes

    - Technical Architecture Documentation

    - Exact roadmap (timeline)

    - Fixed price offer

    - Product Development Specification


    3 weeks


    Optional add-on

    Solution validation

    - Interactive Prototype

    - 2 Rounds of Usability Testing

    - 2 Product Wireframes Iterations


    2 weeks


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